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-====Review enrollment requests:​==== +{{page>general:form_management_next_steps&inline}}
-As students are enrolled online in txConnect, an administrator must review each enrollment request, create a record for each registered student, and assign a Student Portal ID to each student.\\ ​ \\    +
-====Review student demographic change requests and form submission:​==== +
-As parents update data for their students, campus staff must review and approve each change. As parents submit data and forms from txConnect, the campus staff can monitor the status and identify students who are missing required forms. These tasks are handled in the Student (iTCCS or TxEIS) Registration application.\\ ​ \\   +
-See [[https://​​txeistest/​student/​doku.php/​general/​quickview/​approve_registration_changes_monitor_forms|QuickGuideApprove Student Registration ​Data Changes and Monitor Forms]].\\ ​ \\   +
- +
-====View form usage:​==== +
-The [[administratoraccess:​formstatistics|Form Usage]] page in txConnect Forms Management provides the following access:​\\ ​ \\   +
-BBB **Usage Statistics** - Displays statistical information about form usage by parent and form.\\ ​ \\   +
-BBB **Individual Form Information** - Allows you to view the number of acceptance records for a specific form by district, campus, or parent. \\  \\  ​+
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