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 +======Auto Bank Reconciliation File Layout======
 +<WRAP round intro>
 +This file record layout is used to import bank transactions. ​
 +^Field ^Length ^Position ^Type ^Description^
 +|Bank Account Number|12|1-12|Numeric|Left-Justified,​ Zero-Filled|
 +|Blank| |13-19| | |
 +|Check Number|6|20-25|Numeric|Left-Justified,​ Zero-Filled|
 +|Amount|12|26-37|Numeric|Left-Justified,​ Zero-Filled,​ 2 decimal places implied; 00056789 indicates $567.89|
 +|Date Paid|8|38-45|Numeric|YYYYMMDD format|
 +|Blank| |46-49| | |
 +|Record Indicator|1|50|Alphanumeric|Optional;​ For example: P for Paid, S for Stops, etc.|
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