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 +======Import Annual Changes File Layout======
 +<WRAP round intro>
 +This file record layout is used to import a text file to create, change, and delete employee deduction records.
 +^Sequence ^Field ^Length ^Description^
 +|1|Employee Social Security Number|9|123456789|
 +|2|Extract Deduction Code|6|123456;​ can be up to six characters; must match deduction code table|
 +|3|Employee Amount|7.2|22.00;​ decimal point must be included|
 +|4|Employer Amount|7.2|178.00;​ decimal point must be included|
 +|5|Cafeteria Plan Election|1|Y;​ must be Y or N|
 +<WRAP Box>
 +**Note**: ​ The file type is tab-delimited text (.txt).
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