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 +======Payroll Leave Transmittal File Layout======
 +<WRAP round intro>
 +This file layout is used to import leave transmittal files into TxEIS leave accounting tables.
 +^Field ​ ^Length ^Type ^Position ^Description ^
 +|Employee Number|6|Numeric|1-6|123 = 000123|
 +|Transaction Key|6|Numeric|7-12|1st = 000001, 2nd = 000002|
 +|Transaction Leave Type|2|Numeric|13-14|State Sick 7 = ‘07’|
 +|Transaction Abs Reason|2|Numeric|15-16|Employee Sick 3 = ‘03’|
 +|Units Taken|6, 3|Numeric|19-24|13.25 = 013250|
 +|Date Leave Taken|8|Numeric|25-32|Oct 22, 2014 = 20141022|
 +<WRAP Box>
 +**Notes**:​\\ ​ \\  **Transaction Key** is a sequence number in case the employee has multiple leave records for the same day.\\ ​ \\  **Transaction Leave Type** is the leave type code (e.g. 01 = Local Personal Leave, 02 = Without Pay, etc.). The leave type entered here has to match a leave code in the TxEIS Leave Type table. These codes are user-defined.\\ ​ \\  **Transaction Abs Reason** is the absence reason code (e.g. 05 = Jury Duty, 08 = Family Illness, etc.). It can be blank, but if there is something there, the absence reason entered has to match an absence record code in the TxEIS Absence Reason table. These codes are user-defined.\\ ​ \\  **Units Taken** can indicate either hours or days. The TxEIS applications will take the number entered here, and, depending on how the Days/Hours code is set for the leave type indicated in the record, will treat this number as either hours or days. It is numeric and needs to be right-justified.\\ ​ \\  The system will take this data and create leave transmittal records (BHR_EMP_LV_XMITAL).
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