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 +======Course Requests Import======
 +The file must be saved as a .csv or .txt file and should not contain headers. The file must have all required fields. Omitting any required fields will prevent the file from uploading. The file may contain all or multiple district campuses, or a single campus.
 +|Campus|3|Yes| Must be a valid campus ID.|
 +|Student ID|6|Yes|Must be a valid student ID for student with record status 1, 2, 4, or 5.|
 +|Course Number|4-8|Yes|Must be a course offered at the campus.|
 +|Alternate Course Number 1|4-8|No|Must be a course offered at the campus.|
 +|Alternate Course Number 2|4-8|No|Must be a course offered at the campus.|
 +|Alternate Course Number 3|4-8|No|Must be a course offered at the campus.|
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