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PSAT Test Scores Import (October 2015 and forward) - PSAT 8/9

The following fields are matched with the student records to ensure that the student’s correct records are stored for PSAT 8/9:

FieldStart PositionEnd PositionLengthTableColumn
Assessment year6636664 sch_yrYYYY
Last Name11314735 name_l
First Name14818235 name_f
Middle Initial1831831 name_mCompare first char
Date of Birth20321210sr_stu_demodobYYYY-MM-DD
Sex1841841 sex
The following fields are imported into the PSAT test scores table for PSAT 8/9:
FieldStart PositionEnd PositionLengthColumnLength
Education Level Cd6736742ed_lvl234, 14, 15, 2, 4, 5, 35
Total for Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math Section Score6756784tot_sec_scr4240-1440
Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Score6796813read_writ_sec_scr3120-720
Math Section Score6826843math_sec_scr3127-720
Reading Score6856862verbal_scr26-36
Writing Score6876882write_scr26-36
Math Score6896924math_scr46.0-36.0 in .5 increments
Analysis in Science Crosstest Score6936942sci_cross_scr26-36
Analysis in History/SS Cross-test Score6956962hist_cross_scr26-36
Relevant Words in Context Subscore6976982words_subscr21-15
Command of Evidence Subscore6997002comm_ev_subscr21-15
Expression of Idea Subscore7017022expr_idea_subscr21-15
Standard English Conventions Subscore7037042eng_conv_subscr21-15
Heart of Algebra Subscore7057062heart_alg_subscr21-15
Problem Solving and Data Analysis Subscore7077082prob_solv_subscr21-15
Total for Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math Section Score Representative Percentile7517522tot_sec_rep_perc20-99
Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Representative Percentile7537542read_writ_rep_perc20-99
Math Section Representative Percentile7557562math_sec_rep_perc20-99
Reading Representative Percentile7577582verbal_st_perc20-99
Writing Representative Percentile7597602write_st_perc20-99
Math Representative Percentile7617622math_st_perc20-99
Analysis in Science Crosstest Representative Percentile7637642sci_cross_rep_perc20-99
Analysis in History/SS Cross-test Representative Percentile7657662hist_cross_rep_perc20-99
Relevant Words in Context Subscore Representative Percentile7677682words_rep_perc20-99
Command of Evidence Subscore Representative Percentile7697702comm_ev_rep_perc20-99
Expression of Idea Subscore Representative Percentile7717722expr_idea_rep_perc20-99
Standard English Conventions Subscore Representative Percentile7737742eng_conv_rep_perc20-99
Heart of Algebra Subscore Representative Percentile7757762heart_alg_rep_perc20-99
Problem Solving and Data Analysis Subscore Representative Percentile7797802prob_solv_rep_perc20-99
Total for Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math Section Score National Percentile7877882tot_sec_perc20-99
Evidence-Based Reading & Writing National Percentile7897902read_writ_sec_perc20-99
Math Section National Percentile7917922math_sec_perc20-99
Reading National Percentile7937942verbal_perc20-99
Writing National Percentile7957962write_perc20-99
Math National Percentile7977982math_perc20-99
Analysis in Science CrossTest National Percentile7998002sci_cross_perc20-99
Analysis in History/SS Cross-test National Percentile8018022hist_cross_perc20-99
Relevant Words in Context Subscore National Percentile8038042words_perc20-99
Command of Evidence National Representative Percentile8058062comm_ev_perc20-99
Expression of Idea Subscore National Percentile8078082expr_idea_perc20-99
Standard English Conventions Subscore National Percentile 8098102eng_conv_perc20-99
Heart of Algebra Subscore National Percentile8118122heart_alg_perc20-99
Problem Solving and Data Analysis Subscore National Percentile8158162prob_solv_perc20-99
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