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SAT Test Scores Import (prior to October 2015)

Any import file prior to October 2015 will have a length of 1168 or 1174.

FieldStart PositionEnd PositionLengthTableColumn
Last Name72115sr_stu_enrollname_l
First Name223312sr_stu_enrollname_f
Middle Initial34341sr_stu_enrollname_mCompare first char
Date of Birth36416 MMDDYY
Test Date1401478sr_stu_enrollsch_yrConvert to 4 char
The following fields are imported into the sr_sat_tst_scrs table:
FieldStart PositionEnd PositionLengthColumnLength
Test Date1401478admin_dt8Change from record MMDDYYYY to DBYYYYMMDD format
Reading Score1511533verbal_scr3200-800
Math Score1541563math_scr3200-800
Writing Score1571593write_scr3200-800
Essay Subscore1601612essay_scr200-12
Writing Multiple Choice Subscore1621632mc_scr220-80
total4Compute Reading + Math + Writing
Education Level1481481ed_lvl10-7, 9
Reading National Percentile6156162verbal_natl_pctl201-99
Reading State Percentile6176182verbal_st_pctl201-99
Math National Percentile6196202math_natl_pctl201-99
Math State Percentile6216222math_state_pctl201-99
Writing National Percentile6236242wrt_natl_pctl201-99
Writing State Percentile6256262wrt_state_pctl201-99
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