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Document Attachments

The Document Attachments feature allows you to upload and view documents by application, school year, folder, and document type. This feature is not available in all districts.

If you are logged on as a user assigned to a Document Attachments-enabled role, the Documents button is displayed on various pages in the TxEIS Student system. If a document is attached, the Documents button displays a note icon.

If you have full access, you can upload and download files. If you have read-only access, you can download existing files, but you cannot upload files.

If you are logged on with a role that does not have security access to Document Attachments, the Documents button is not displayed on any pages.

Document Attachment-enabled pages:

Document types by folder and application:

List of permissible file types:

Upload or view documents:

Under Document List:


The application you are currently logged on to is displayed (e.g., Test Scores).


In some applications, you must select the folder for which you want to view or attach a document:

• Different types of documents must be uploaded to specific folders.

• Changing the folder will change the document type options in the Select Type field.

Some applications only have one folder, so no selection is necessary.

Select School Year

Select the school year for which you want to view documents. Student documents are stored by year.

Existing documents are displayed according to specified criteria.

Under Document Upload:

Select File to Upload

Click Choose File. Locate and select the document on your computer or network. The file name is displayed next to Choose File.

School Year

Select the school year for which you want to view documents. Student documents are stored by year.

Select Type

Select the type of document you are uploading. The list varies according to your selection in the Folder field.


Type an optional description of the document.

Upload File

Click to upload the file for the student.

The document is listed in the Document List section.

The date-time stamp and user ID display the date and time the document was uploaded, and the user ID of the user who uploaded the document.

Any changes made in the Document Options window are saved when you close the window.

Choose File

Click again to add another document, and repeat the steps for uploading a document.

Trashcan Icon

Click to delete the document from the student’s record. You are prompted to confirm that you want to delete the document.

NOTES Deleted documents are not actually deleted from the Document Attachments server. You can retrieve deleted files using the Document Attachments File Recovery utility in District Administration.

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