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Control Info (District)

Registration > Maintenance > District Profile > District Information > District Maintenance > Control Info

This tab allows the district to set up control options to handle state and local ID numbers and other information affecting registration.

Update data:

Ending School Year

The ending year of the school year to which you logged on is displayed.

School Year

The beginning and ending years of the school year to which you logged on are displayed.

First Available State ID

Type the lowest valid state ID number assigned to the district by the state (S + eight digits).

Last Available State ID

Type the highest valid state ID number assigned to the district by the state (S + eight digits).

Next Available State ID

Type the ID number to use for the next student needing a state-assigned ID (S + eight digits).

Assign State ID Number

Select to automatically assign the next state ID to students who do not have social security numbers. If not selected, IDs must be manually entered for each student.

Default Home Language Cd

Click elipsis button to select the home language that will be the default in the student record when that field is left blank.

Auto Assign Student ID

Select to automatically assign local student IDs when students are enrolled. If not selected, the student IDs must be manually assigned by the campus.

Starting Student ID

Type the lowest student ID number from which to begin automatically assigning student IDs.

Student Application Staff ID

The field indicates whether the district uses the social security number or employee number as the staff ID. If set to SSN, you can change it to Employee Number by running the Set Staff ID to Employee Number utility.

Campus Can Maintain Record Status

Select to allow campuses to change a student's established record status (i.e., the Record Status field on Maintenance > Student Enrollment > Demo1).

It is recommended that districts do not select this option. The student record status is updated automatically, so a campus should only change a student's record status when absolutely necessary.

Pre-Print Withdraw Form

Select to allow a withdrawal form (SRG0900 - Withdrawal Transfer Form) to be printed before the student is withdrawn from the campus. If not selected, SRG0900 can only be printed for withdrawn students.

Click Save.

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