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Register Student

Registration > Maintenance > Online Registration > New Student Enrollment (click Spyglass Icon)

This page allows you to enroll a new student using the information that was entered by the student's parent/guardian in the txConnect parent portal.

This initial data serves as the basis for a complete student record.

NOTE: Verify whether Auto Assign Student ID is set to automatic or manual assignment of student ID numbers on Maintenance > District Profile > District Information > Control Info.

Register Students detail view

Update data:

From the New Student Enrollment page, click Spyglass Icon to view the details of the new student enrollment request. The Register Student page opens displaying the student's demographic data.

Student ID

Verify whether student IDs are automatically or manually assigned, as indicated in the Auto Assign Student ID field on Maintenance > District Profile > District Information > Control Info.

• If student IDs are manually assigned, type a student ID. Leading zeros are not required.

• If student IDs are automatically assigned, leave the field blank, and the system will assign the next available student ID when the record is saved.

Student Key

The enrollment key assigned to the student's enrollment record in txConnect is displayed.

Under Demographic Information:


Select the student's grade level for the current school year.

Entry Dt

Select the attendance track in which to enroll the student.

Elig Code

Select the student's ADA eligibility code.

Next Year Student

Select if the student is enrolling for the next school year.

If selected, the student's record will be saved with a record status 5 (i.e., not currently in district will attend next year). Since Move To Grade Reporting (MTGR) does not promote these students to the next grade level, the Grade field should be set to the next year grade level for any status 5 students.

The following fields are populated using the information that was entered by the student's parent/guardian in txConnect. Verify that the data is valid.


The student's full name is displayed.

Social Security Number Denied

Select if the student’s parent/guardian refused to provide the student’s social security number to the district.

SSNThe student's social security number is displayed.
SexThe code indicating the student's gender is displayed.

The student's date of birth is displayed.

Last Year Grade

The grade level entered by the parent when enrolling the student via txConnect is displayed but can be updated if needed.


The field is selected if the student is of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.


One or more of the following options is selected, regardless of whether the student is Hispanic/Latino.


The field is selected if the student has origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.

TEDS Data Element: WHITE-CODE (E1063) (Code table C088)

Black/African American

The field is selected if the student has origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.

TEDS Data Element: BLACK-AFRICAN-AMERICAN-CODE (E1061) (Code table C088)


The field is selected if the student has origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent (including Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippine Islands, Thailand, and Vietnam).

TEDS Data Element: ASIAN-CODE (E1060) (Code table C088)

American Indian/Alaskan Native

The field is selected if the student has origins in any of the original peoples of North and South America (including Central America).

TEDS Data Element: AMERICAN-INDIAN-ALASKA-NATIVE-CODE (E1059) (Code table C088)

Hawaiian/Pacific Isl

The field is selected if the student has origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or other Pacific Islands.


Phone NbrThe student's area code and phone number are displayed.
Cell Ph NbrThe student's area code and cell phone number are displayed.
E-mailThe student's email address is displayed.
MailingThe student's mailing address is displayed.
PhysicalThe student's physical address is displayed.

Under Contact Detail:

Up to six contact tabs may be displayed. Information entered by the parent is displayed. Verify that the data is valid, and make changes to each tab if needed. You can save changes to all tabs at the same time.

Parent/GuardianThe field is selected if the contact is the student’s guardian.

The field is selected if the contact should be notified in the event of an emergency.

Receive Mailouts

This field should be selected if the contact will receive student documents (i.e., report cards and interim progress reports (IPRs)). The field is required for a contact who is listed as Priority=1.


The contact's relationship to the student is displayed, such as a relative, doctor, neighbor, hospital, caseworker, guardian, or other medical facility/person.

NOTE: For a hospital contact, Hospital should be selected, the hospital name should be entered in the Occupation field.


The language in which the student's documents (i.e., report cards and interim progress reports (IPRs)) will be printed for this contact is displayed. If blank, the documents are printed in English.


The contact's full name is displayed.

NOTE: This field should be blank if Relation is set to Hospital.

Enrolling Person

This field is selected if this is the contact who enrolled the student. Only one contact can be an enrolling person.


The contact's date of birth is displayed.

Phone Preference

The contact's preferred phone number is displayed.


The contact's home, business, cell, and other phone numbers, including area code, are displayed if entered.

AddressThe contact's complete address is displayed.

The field is selected if the contact (parent/guardian) is a migratory agricultural worker.


The contact's occupation is displayed. If Relation is Hospital, this field should display the hospital name.


The contact's email address is displayed.

Right to Transport

This field is selected if the contact is authorized to transport the student from school. Instructors and administrators are able to view this information in txGradebook on the Student Information page.

Driver License

The contact's driver license number and the two-character state that issued the driver license are displayed if entered.


The contact's vehicle make, model, predominant color of the vehicle, plate number, and the two-character state that issued the license plate are displayed.

Information Request

The button is displayed if information about previous special program participation or family members in the military was included.

This information is view only, as the student has not yet been registered.

WARNING: This information is only displayed until the new student enrollment is accepted. Print this information before clicking Save; otherwise you must run SRG2300 - Student Information Request to view the information.

Information Request pop-up window

Click Print to print this information.

Click OK to close the window.

Submitted Standard Forms
DocumentsView or attach supporting documentation.

Click Save.

snippet for student enrollment page with Save Successful message displayed

  • The student is now enrolled and can be retrieved from the TxEIS Registration > Maintenance > Student Enrollment page. You can add additional registration information for the student on these tabs.

  • A student ID is assigned to the student.

  • NOTE: A Student Portal ID is also automatically assigned to the student when the record is saved. It is not necessary to use the Set Parent Portal IDs utility unless you need to verify the student’s Student Portal ID.

A warning message is displayed if the student was previously enrolled in the district (i.e., the student's social security number and date of birth match a historical record). Demographic information from the student's previous enrollment is displayed, including the previous student ID.
warning message for previously enrolled student

  • Click Yes to confirm that this is the same student, and enroll the him with his previous student ID.
  • Click No to return to the Register Student page without saving, and make any necessary changes to the record before saving again.

ReturnClick to return to the New Student Enrollment page to process another student.

NOTE: To retrieve a newly enrolled student who was marked as a next year student:
From Maintenance > Student Enrollment, click Directory, and select Next Year Students.

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