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Pending Update Details

Registration > Maintenance > Online Registration > Pending Updates (click Spyglass Icon  spyglass icon)

This tab allows you to review and approve or reject a student's pending online registration update requests submitted by parents from the txConnect parent portal.

Pending Updates tab detail view

Update data:

To access this page, click Spyglass Icon  spyglass icon on the Pending Updates page. The details of the student's pending updates are displayed.

Submitted For

One of the following is displayed:

• For a standard or static form, the form name is displayed.

• For a dynamic form, the txConnect field type for which the update was requested is displayed.

Spyglass Icon

For a standard form, you can click Spyglass Icon next to the form name to view the form in a pop-up window.

sample standard form in pop-up window

If you reject a standard form, a parent will need to re-submit the entire form even if it was previously submitted. Review all form fields.

• Click Spanish Version to view a Spanish version of the form. Click English Version to return to the English version.

• Click Print to print the form.

• Click OK to close the window.

Current Value

The current data for the field is displayed, if it exists. This only applies to dynamic form fields.

New Value

The newly submitted information is displayed. This only applies to dynamic form fields.

Submitted By
Doc Reqd

This field is currently not in use. N is always displayed for dynamic form fields.

Accept All

Select to approve all of the student's pending update requests.


Select to approve a particular pending update.

Reject All

Select to reject all of the student's pending update requests.


Select to reject a particular pending update.

Pending All

Select to revert all requests to a pending status. This must be done prior to saving.

If you reject an update:

• You must enter comments explaining your decision. Include detailed explanation and action required of the parent.

• An email message is sent to the parent notifying him that the change was not approved.

white comments icon

Click to add comments about your decision to approve or reject a request. The Reviewer's Comment window opens.

Comments pop-up window

IMPORTANT! Comments are required when you reject a request. Include detailed explanation and action required of the parent.

a. Add or update comments as needed, up to 255 characters.

b. Click OK.

c. You must click Save on the Pending Updates page in order to save the updated data.

A red comment icon rec comments icon indicates that reviewer's comments exist for the request.

Click Save.

Once you have accepted or rejected all of a student's pending updates, the student's name is no longer displayed on the Pending Updates page.

DocumentsView or attach supporting documentation.
Inquiry Click to return to the Pending Updates page.
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