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Letter Criteria (Parent Portal Letters)

Registration > Maintenance > Parent Portal > Letters > Print > Letter Criteria

This tab allows you to set criteria for printing parent letters for the txConnect parent portal. Each letter provides the portal IDs of the students in one family.

  • Letters are printed for active students who have an assigned txConnect portal ID.

  • A single letter is printed for multiple guardians with the same last name and same address.

  • If the guardian has an invalid address, the student's address is used.

Letter Criteria tab

Set criteria:

Recipient Selection

Select the students for whom you want to send letters to the parents.

List of Students

Select to print letters for multiple students who have an assigned portal ID, and then click Directory to select the students from the directory.

Letter Criteria Directory

Retrieve and select the student(s), and click OK.

No Letter Sent

Select to print letters for students for whom letters have not been sent.

Entire Campus

Select to print letters for all students at the campus, even if letters were sent previously.

Number of Students Selected

If you selected List of Students, the number of selected students is displayed.

Letter Sort Order

Select the order in which you want the letters printed.

Sort by Parent Zip Code

Select to sort letters by parent zip code.

Sort by Student Name

Select to sort letters by student name.

Run Criteria
Letter Template

Select the letter type. The letter types created on Maintenance > Parent Portal > Letters > Update > Directory are listed.


Select the campus for which letters are being printed.

Click Run.

  • A pop-up message displays your selection criteria and prompts you to continue. Click Yes.

  • The Print Letters tab is displayed.
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