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Letter (Parent Portal Letters)

Registration > Maintenance > Parent Portal > Letters > Update > Letter

This tab allows you to create or edit a form letter in Registration.

Update data:

Select a letter type in one of the following ways:

  • From the Directory tab, click Retrieve for the letter type you want to use. The letter opens in the letter editor on the Letter tab.

  • Click the Letter tab. From the drop-down field at the top of the tab, select the letter type you want to use.

The text editor opens, and a blank page and formatting toolbar are displayed.

If you retrieved the Sample Portal Letter, you can use it as a template for creating a new letter.

In the letter editor, type the letter using the nine Portal ID variables and other variables as necessary.


1. To add a variable, position the cursor where you want to insert a variable.

2. Click Variables to select a variable.

3. Click the link for the variable you want to add. The variable is inserted into the letter.

4. Repeat for the remaining variables.

Variables must be inserted one at a time.

Nine portal ID variables (e.g., {PORTAL_ID1}, {PORTAL_ID2}) are included by default. You must include the nine portal ID variables, so the maximum number of students per family are printed on one letter. The printed letter will only contain portal IDs for students in the family, up to nine students.

To delete a variable, select the variable and press DELETE.

Click Save.


Click to view the letter. The letter opens in PDF format in an embedded Adobe Reader window.


Adjust the left, right, top, and bottom margins as needed. Use three digits for the margin with two decimal places (e.g., 1.00). The margins are in inches.

Refresh Margins

Click if you changed the margins. The letter is re-displayed with the new margins.

From the Adobe Reader toolbar, you can print the letters, save them to your PC, and perform other functions allowed by Adobe Reader.

EditClick to return to the letter editor.
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