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SRG0700 - Student Missing Forms

Registration > Reports > Registration Reports > Student > SRG0700 - Student Missing Forms

This report provides a list of students who are missing one or more forms for the current school year. You can use the report to identify all students missing a specific form, or identify students who are missing any forms.

Before you can run the report by a specific form, the forms must be set up in txConnect Admin Forms Management in the Student Data Editing group. Only forms in the Student Data Editing group are available in the ellipsis lookup for the Form Name parameter.

External (public documents) and New Student Enrollment forms, as well as Archived forms, are excluded.

Note that the Submit Date field, as displayed on the Forms tab, is used to associate a student's form with the current year.

SRG0700 - Student Missing Forms

You can also run the report for a specific form:

SRG0700 - Student Missing Forms run for a specific form

Run the report:

Campus ID

Type the three-digit campus ID, or click to select the campus.

Grade Level (Blank for All)

Type the two-character grade level, click to select the grade level, or leave blank to select all grade levels.

Control Nbr (Blank for All)

Type the three-digit control number (instructor ID), click to select the control number, or leave blank to select all control numbers.

Form Name (Blank for All)

Click to select the form, or leave blank to select all forms.

If blank, the report will list by student which forms are missing and whether it is a required form.

If run for a specific form, the report will list students missing the selected form, and the form name will be displayed in the report heading.

Page Break on Cntrl Nbr (Y, N)

Y - Insert a page break between each control number

N or blank - Do not insert page breaks.

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