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SRG2300 - Student Information Request

Registration > Reports > Registration Reports > Withdrawal > SRG2300 - Student Information Request

The report lists special program requests for students who enrolled online via the txConnect parent portal.

SRG2300 - Student Information Request

Run the report:

Campus ID (Blank for All)

Type the three-digit campus ID, or click to select the campus. Leave blank to select all campuses in the district.

NOTE: If you select to create the report for all campuses, any campuses excluded from district reporting (i.e., campuses that have the Exclude from District Reporting field selected on Registration > Maintenance > Campus Profile > Campus Information Maintenance > Control Info) are not included in the report. However, you can generate the report for an individual excluded campus by entering the campus ID.

Grade Level (Blank for All)

Type the two-character grade level, click to select the grade level, or leave blank to select all grade levels.

Student ID (Blank for All)

Type the six-digit student ID number, including all leading zeros. Or, click to select the student. Leave blank to select all students.

From Date (MMDDYYYY)

Type the date, or click to select the date from a calendar.

Next Year Students Only (Y, N)

Y - Include only next year students (i.e., record status 5).

N or blank - Exclude next year students. Include only students with record status of 1, 2, or 3.

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