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TxEIS State Reporting - Classroom Roster - Winter 2019-2020 Submission

The Classroom Roster Winter submission collects organization, staff identification and demographics, class assignment, student identification and demographics, and class enrollment data.

This submission is due April 23, 2020.

NOTE: Service ID restrictions for Summer PEIMS apply to this submission. (See PEIMS edit 30305-0004.)


  • Verify that all roles and users are correct in TxEIS Security Administration.

I. Verify Data in TxEIS

Verify data for each element on the following pages and reports. It is suggested that you run reports first, and then use the maintenance pages to update data where needed.

Hard-coded elements:


  • Human Resources
  • Student

Grade Reporting

  • Grade Reporting > Maintenance > Master Schedule > Campus Schedule > Course
  • Grade Reporting > Maintenance > Master Schedule > Campus Schedule > Section


  • Registration > Maintenance > Student Enrollment > Demo1
  • Registration > Maintenance > Student Enrollment > W/R Enroll

Human Resources

  • Human Resources > Maintenance > Staff Demo > Demographic Information
  • Human Resources > Maintenance > Staff Job/Pay Data > Employment Info
  • Human Resources > Maintenance > Staff Job/Pay Data > Job Info

II. (Student-only Districts) Import Staff Data

Student-only districts must either enter staff information in TxEIS District Administration or use the Staff Import utility.

  • State Reporting > Utilities > Import Staff File

III. Create Interchanges

Core Collection Interchange utility with Classroom Roster Winter selected

Core Collection

Select the submission. For the Classroom Roster - Winter submission, select Classroom Roster - Winter.

Ending School Year

(Display only) The submission year as entered in the Submission Year field on State Reporting > Options is displayed.

For the 2020-2021 Classroom Roster - Winter submission, the field should display 2021.


Type a three-digit campus ID, or leave blank to create interchanges for all campuses.

As-Of Date

(Required) Enter the as-of date for running this utility.

The As-Of Date must be the last Friday in February (February 26, 2021). Data is pulled for only one semester. All courses, teachers, and student enrollments must align exactly with that date to be reported, and at least one student enrolled in that course on this date in order for a course/teacher to be reported.

The interchanges are listed according to the Core Collection field.

❏ Select All TSDS Collection Interchanges (e.g., All TSDS Class Roster Interchanges) to create all interchanges for the Classroom Roster - Winter submission.

Or, select the individual interchange you want to create.

NOTE: Only the Staff Association Interchange can be created for Business-only districts. A valid District ID must be entered on State Reporting > Maintenance > Organization > County District.

All employees who have a valid Unique Staff ID and were employed at the district on the As-of Date are included.

Selected Students

The field is enabled if you selected all interchanges or a student-related interchange. Type or click to select the students for whom you want to create an interchange. Separate multiple students (Texas unique student IDs) with a comma (e.g., 6895409515,1628657282,2986961713). Leave blank to select all students.

Selected Staff

The field is enabled if you selected all interchanges or a staff-related interchange. Type or click to select the employees for whom you want to create an interchange. Separate multiple employees (Texas unique staff IDs) with a comma (e.g., 4732877094,2568052155). Leave blank to select all staff.

❏ Click Run.

When the process is complete, you are prompted to save a .zip file containing the individual files for the completed interchanges.

The default name of the zipped folder is, where:

  • District is the six-digit county-district number
  • YYYY-MM-DD is the date when the folder was created
  • HH-MM-SS is the hour, minute, and second when the folder was created


The default name for the individual files is District_Campus_Collection_TimeStamp_Interchange.xml, where:

  • District is the six-digit county-district number
  • Campus is the three-digit campus ID
  • Collection is the nine-character collection (ending school year & submission)
  • TimeStamp is the 12-digit date-time-stamp when the interchange was created (YYYYMMDDHHMM)
  • Interchange is the name of the interchange created.

Example: 015166_000_2020TSDS_202003031420_InterchangeEducationOrganizationExtension.xml

If errors are encountered:

  1. Correct the data in TxEIS.
  2. Create the interchanges again.

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